Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy Dog Tales

As the owner of a doggie day care, and a dog owner myself, I am frequently asked for advice on dog training. Many of my customers bring their dogs to obedience classes as puppies and then assume that the process is complete, and that their job is done.

Puppy kindergarten and obedience classes are great for socialization and basic training techniques. However, building a solid relationship with your dog is a lifelong commitment, and these classes should be viewed as a first step along the path.

I have found Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer, by Adam Katz, to be an excellent guide. This book will help you develop the training skills you will need to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Whether you have just started out with your first puppy or have had dogs your whole life, you will find this book to be a resource you refer back to again and again. Becoming fluent in your dog's language requires effort. Let this book help you. Your dog will thank you.

Amy Murphy
Owner of the Dog Stop Doggie Day Care


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