Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jazzy's Adoption

Jazzy’s Tail

I found Jazz one day while browsing on line. His photo was posted on a site called A2Z rescue and I took one look at the sadness in those eyes and new we needed each other. I had lost my best friend, Jake, four years earlier to cancer. It was the saddest day of my life and I feared getting another dog because I never wanted to have to say goodbye again. I read Jazzy’s story and new he was the little man who would make my heart smile again - and he has. Jazz was left by his owners – chained to a tree – no food or water. They Moved!

I can tell you there is no greater loyalty than that of a rescue animal. Jazz is the happiest little guy and he just LOVES his life. He cannot wait each day to go and hang out with his bestest pal Coach at the Dogstop!! He adores and respects his daycare Mom, Amy, too. Amy has a gift with dogs and she has been a wonderful teacher and friend to all of the rescue dogs that pass through her gate. Jazzy adores her and has learned a great deal from her. Her constant encouragement is one of the reasons Jazzy and I met!

Jazzy a/k/a “Handsome Harry from Hooterville” shares his home with his Mom and Dad and five horses (Gypsy, Lil Joey, Andy, Buckwheat and Rocky) and two felines – Slinky and Smokey. Jazz has filled an emptiness in my heart that only could be filled by the unconditional love of “man’s best friend”. Unless you have loved a dog or been loved by one….there is no comparison!

We are blessed to have found such a great kid. I encourage anyone out there who is looking for a dog to ADOPT….especially if you have lost a dear friend as I did. You will never replace a loved one ; but Jazzy has certainly helped to heal my heart! I love you Magoo!


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