Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another successful adoption

My husband and I were already enjoying a wonderful golden-doodle puppy named Lily. I would take Lily out with me most of t he time, but I felt she needed a friend to do “doggie stuff” with. I began browsing After a couple of months I saw a beautiful six-month -old puppy and instantly fell in love. He looked like a little bear. Although his information indicated some issues, I contacted the shelter and filled out an application. Before I knew it, we were accepted to adopt. Kolton came to our home with a lot of issues. He arrived at the shelter in Massachusetts from a shelter in Kentucky where he was abused. He hated men. When I first met Kolton, he was so frighten he wouldn’t even walk. When I picked him up, he urinated on me when I took him to my car to take him home. When we arrived home he didn’t want to do anything but lay on the floor. If anyone approached him, he would just lie down on his back and urinate. With lots of patience, love and training he has made great strides. Most of the time he is a loving and sweet dog, however, on occasion, he does need direction when becoming aggressive with other dogs, and sometimes, Amy tells us, he is a bully once in a while and has to go to “time out” while he is at The Dog Stop. Kolton adores my husband and me and he gets along well with his sister, Lily, the two are inseparable. Although he continues to have issues with fear, we continue to work to correct his behavior. Before heading off to daycare, we ask Lily and Kolton if they want to go see their friends and it is very clear that our dogs are very excited to go play for the day. Kolton’s tail wags so fast it looks like his behind is going to take off. We cannot imagine our lives with out our wonderful and loving dog Kolton. And to think that we actually saved his life makes our lives much better.


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