Monday, February 13, 2006

Skye and Pearl

Hey Everyone,

My wife and I have adopted two dogs over the past year. Our first was a 3 month old Husky/Pit bull mix, Skye. She is a beautiful dog with brown and black coloring and she has one blue eye, hence the name Skye. She is a great dog. Loves to run and play with other dogs at the park and is very maternal with younger puppies. When she was about a year old we decided to get her a companion.

We found a ten month old Pitt bull mix, Pearl, and they got along great. We actually picked Pearl because they had identical coloring, minus the blue eye. Pearl was a little timid at first, but Skye quickly welcomed her and her confidence began to grow. Pearl loves to cuddle and be next to you, her tongue never stops trying to lick you.

Both dogs are very gentle with children and get along great with our two year old nephew. They can get a little rough playing with each other, but it never gets serious. At night they both climb onto the dog bed next to our bed and they fall asleep next to each other. At some point in the night, without fail, they hop up on our bed and sandwich themselves between us. Skye usually stays at the foot of the bed, but Pearl likes to get under the covers. Still don’t know how she manages this.

All in all they are great dogs and we love having them.

Dan & Jaime Haugh


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