Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jazzy's Adoption

Jazzy’s Tail

I found Jazz one day while browsing on line. His photo was posted on a site called A2Z rescue and I took one look at the sadness in those eyes and new we needed each other. I had lost my best friend, Jake, four years earlier to cancer. It was the saddest day of my life and I feared getting another dog because I never wanted to have to say goodbye again. I read Jazzy’s story and new he was the little man who would make my heart smile again - and he has. Jazz was left by his owners – chained to a tree – no food or water. They Moved!

I can tell you there is no greater loyalty than that of a rescue animal. Jazz is the happiest little guy and he just LOVES his life. He cannot wait each day to go and hang out with his bestest pal Coach at the Dogstop!! He adores and respects his daycare Mom, Amy, too. Amy has a gift with dogs and she has been a wonderful teacher and friend to all of the rescue dogs that pass through her gate. Jazzy adores her and has learned a great deal from her. Her constant encouragement is one of the reasons Jazzy and I met!

Jazzy a/k/a “Handsome Harry from Hooterville” shares his home with his Mom and Dad and five horses (Gypsy, Lil Joey, Andy, Buckwheat and Rocky) and two felines – Slinky and Smokey. Jazz has filled an emptiness in my heart that only could be filled by the unconditional love of “man’s best friend”. Unless you have loved a dog or been loved by one….there is no comparison!

We are blessed to have found such a great kid. I encourage anyone out there who is looking for a dog to ADOPT….especially if you have lost a dear friend as I did. You will never replace a loved one ; but Jazzy has certainly helped to heal my heart! I love you Magoo!

Monday, January 30, 2006

High Flyin' Sammy , another happy adoption

This is Sampson. We adopted him from the Animal Rescue League in Salem MA. He was very young but already had quite a history. He was kept in closet by his original owner before someone was kind enough to turn him over to the rescue league. He was afraid of everything! His first day at the Dog Stop four years ago we literally had to carry him in, it was pretty much the same way second day, too. After a lot of love and work Sampson has thrived! Amy and everyone at the Dog Stop have contributed so much to Sampson's health and mental wellbeing.
He's almost 7 years old, he's a self feeder and doesn't require a leash. He is great with his human brother and sister who adore him.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

What to feed the dog?

Unbiased nutritional information is hard to find and difficult to navigate your way through. We need to start with common sense. Health is maintained through sound nutrition, emotional balance, and a natural lifestyle.
Our health is determined by our immune system, which is dependent on our diet. Our bodies are made up of living cells, which are made from the food we eat.Almost all dietary and health problems stem from a nutrtionally DEAD DIET. Cooking food destroys vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.

I would like to tell you that we feed our dogs and ourselves a totally raw food diet, but we're not all the way there yet.The difficulty in obtaining fresh organic meats and produce is frustrating at best. Why is it the grocery store sells so little FOOD?!

Our dogs, including Dog Stop members, are fed Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken with Sea Meal supplement.Sea Meal is a nutritional supplement made of sea vegatation and flax meal.Sea Meal is rich in digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

I chose Solid Gold because I trust their products, ethics and commitment to quality. They have been making organic, human grade, all natural dog food since 1974.

In addition to the Hund-n-flocken and Sea Meal, I add flax seed oil, msm, vitamin c, yucca and tripe or fresh organic meat to our dogs evening meal. Sound expensive? Not at all. These guys are never sick, itchy, runny, smelly- no ear infections, fatty tumors, hot spots or dental problems.

They sustain their share of playground injuries, which I typically treat topically with Aroma Dogs Quick- Fix or tea tree oil. ( also how I treat my own playground injuries )

When Wolfie moved in with us he often used only 3 legs- he has ( maybe had ) slight arthritis and torn cruciate ligaments. Trakker often had seizures and had a leaking problem ( he doesn't like me talking about that ). Trakker has no more "leaks" and very few seizures. Wolfie is four legged and pain free, Diet alone has revitalized their health. Trakker is on a grain free diet.

Please seek out natural alternatives for you and the animals that depend on you. They're counting on you.


Innova now sells a grain free food formulted for dogs suffering from seizures.

Thanks for listening,


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today's pictures 1/24/06

We enjoyed a beautiful winter day today.Madison, our newest member experienced her first snow ever this week. She had a blast romping and rolling with her new freinds . Madison is a Southern Belle, originally from Georgia, until she was adopted through the Plymouth Pound. She now has a great family who has made the commitment to love and care for her. Plus she gets to go to "school" with her new friends here at The Dog Stop while her parents are at work. Madison has scored Big!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Adoption: a dog's second chance

"Willow Gagne
If you or someone you know is looking to add a new dog to the family, please consider adoption. Our shelters are filled with dogs and puppies DYING for a loving home. 5 MILLION dogs a year are put to their death. They have commited no crimes, they were simply unwanted.Their last relationship didn't work out,this does not mean that they're bad dogs or unlovable. Many of our Dog Stop members are former shelter dogs. We love them,and their new families love them. Here are their stories. We hope after meeting these great " kids " you to will consider saving a precious life. Thank you for letting us share.

Willow is a Jack Russell-Beagle mix dog. We adopted her at the North East Animal Shelter. She came from Puerto-Rico where they were going to put her and her four brothers and sisters down.

Willows mother got electrocuted during the first few days after birth. A representative from the SATO program worked at the shelter and took the five puppies’ home and bottle fed them until they were old enough to get a rabies shot, which is twelve weeks. Once they reached twelve weeks they flew to Massachusetts. We adopted her from the North East Animal Shelter the day she arrived.

She’s been a blessing to our family ever since. She is always full of energy but does love to nap too! Our family is glad to have adopted her from the animal shelter because we know that we have given her a nice home with plenty of love and space to run around.

She loves to run around and play with bigger dogs especially at The Dog Stop. She is one of the smallest dogs there but she defiantly doesn’t act like it. She will be running around with them acting like she is just as big even thought she is only a little pup. She’s always excited’s to turn the corner to see Amy there waiting for her arrival.

- Nicole Gagne"